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Tea tree oil psoriasis

Tea tree oil psoriasis

Is tea tree oil good for psoriasis treatment?

Psoriasis is faced many more times than many people think. Approximately 3% of the planet suffers from this disease, in most cases, they are adult people. The cure for the disease is to reduce symptoms. Psoeasy company produces natural remedies that alleviate and reduce symptoms of the disease.

The reasons for the appearance of psoriasis hide in genetics. However, not all people with genetic disposition are subjected to this disease. Some event (stress, influence of climate, skin injury, infection, drug use, smoking, alcoholism, allergies) can cause the onset of disease.

Tea tree oil is known thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, formerly used in surgery and stomatology. It is widely used in the production of cosmetics and it is considered very effective in the treatment of psoriasis and other skin disorders. Tea tree oil psoriasis treatment and for dermatitis does not cause side effects and almost always gives very pleasing results. Today's scientists had studied all aspects of its composition, active components and positive effects. Besides that the tea tree oil psoriasis treatment fights against infections, scientists found and proved and other benefits, as, for example, stimulation of the immune defense hastens recovery of damaged tissue and analgesic effect.

Is tea tree oil good for psoriasis treatment? - General information

The tea tree (can be also called Melaleuca alternifolia) produces one of the most precious essential oils in medical terms. The colorless or bright yellowish green essential oil with a fresh medicinal smell is now widely known as naming the 'tea tree oil'.

Since ancient times, tea tree oil was applied by Aboriginal as a remedy for the traumas, neck disorders, the toothache, even when the infectious diseases of the liver, urogenital and local anesthesia.

The tea tree was mentioned for the first time in 1770 when Captain James Cook from the ship Britannic royal fleet "Endeavor", went ashore. During the investigation of this area (currently - New South Wales), and also in New Zealand Cook met dense grove with smelling leaves. Captain Cook named these trees "tea trees" because when he boiled its leaves, they revealed a tea with the pleasant taste and aromatic and refreshing scent.

It is no exaggeration to say that the tea tree oil became one of the most valuable achievements of Cook's expedition to the Old World. Following the widespread popularization of the miracle oil, many discontinued patients were rescued.

Let us remember that there were neither antibiotics nor antifungal and anti-inflammatory drugs at the time, and such problems as purulent wounds, inflammations, burns were cured with this panacea. The oral cavity angina, stomatitis, toothache, and Parodontosen; the bruises, wounds and abrasions Ritz were also successfully cured with this remedy. The gynecological and urological problems, including bacterial or fungal infections, have been successfully resolved by syringing the water solution of tea tree oil. The mixed group of viral diseases - warts, shingles and chicken pox and flu - was also a basis for the successful application of tea tree oil. Quality tea tree oil is used in most of our products. Our PsoEasy shampoo for psoriasis on the head is no exception.

Tea tree oil for psoriasis - Application

Nowadays the active application of tea tree oil for psoriasis confirms its effectiveness. Scientists have explored its composition, ingredients and positive effects on all sides.

Several times a day you dab the affected skin with the natural cream with tea tree oil against psoriasis. For large areas of skin for reasons of the economy you can use the lotion or skin milk. PsoEasy psoriasis cream contains high-quality tea tree oil and other essential oils, exerting a beneficial effect in skin diseases.

Use the mixture of essential tea tree oil with natural aloe vera gel and the borage oil - this combination is highly effective against psoriasis.

Use the skin milk with the tea tree oil for particularly dry skin areas affected with psoriasis.

There are only isolated cases of hypersensitivity to tea tree oil psoriasis. Only at very high skin sensitivity, you need to solve the pure tea tree oil or to quit the application.

The healing properties of this oil are demonstrated by the numerous studies all over the world. Tea tree oil is used against fungal diseases, vaginitis, throat diseases, burns, cuts, abrasions, skin infections.

Before using the oil for the first time it is recommended to perform a test on skin: Apply a few drops of oil on the back surface of the wrist and wait an hour. If irritation observed - wash the site with cold water and avoid future use.

Ttea tree oil for psoriasis is safe in use as an antiseptic but can not be taken inside the body. Avoid direct contact of the oil with mucous membranes and eyes.

Tea tree oil psoriasis treatment - Contraindications

Individual tea tree oil (after applying irritation appears for 2-3 minutes) intolerance. Tea tree oil psoriasis can be very toxic inside the stomach of a young child. Children under one year and pregnant women should use with caution any essential oil and necessarily take into account the concentration of it.

If you are sick psoriasis, do not despair. Scientists pay close attention to this issue and carry out various researches and experiments aimed at curing the body with natural remedies. Using natural remedies PsoEasy with Dead Sea minerals, psoriasis will not bother you to enjoy life.

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