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Psoriasis Lotion

Quick overview

It is known that in about 80 percent of patients with psoriasis, their scalps are affected. Most of the hairy head part is the only place of psoriatic lesions. In the context of a particular social role of scalp this chronic skin disease affects the quality of life of patients.

The latest study shows that the psoriasis effect on patients in 97 percents pointed to problems in everyday life. Around one third of psoriasis patients who participated in a 2005 survey, reported problems with the services in the beauty salon.

Product Description

Psoriasis Lotion

Best Moisturizer for Psoriasis - General symptoms that it cures

Psoriasis patients have a low self-esteem, the negative impact affects on the social communication in everyday life. According to a study, there is a clear correlation between psoriasis and the state of mental health.

Psoriasis on the head is characterized by lesions, red spots, scales and plaques. In most cases, these lesions are conspicuous and distinguished from healthy skin. Itching and scaly skin are also among the common symptoms of psoriasis on the head.

The most common complaint of psoriasis sufferers is a loss of hair on the head. In most cases, such hair loss is caused by injuries as a result of scratched affected scalp. After psoriatic plaques disappear, hair growth starts in patients again.

Lotion for Psoriasis

There are a variety of remedies in the modern pharmaceutical market to combat this disease. Among them, the most useful are lotion for psoriasis and special shampoo that does not include chemicals in the compound, which cause skin irritations and various side effects. PsoEasy production is considered as the best solution for patients suffering from psoriasis when it comes to choosing a remedy for care.

Their essential qualities are:

  • they do not contain any chemical or toxic substances
  • they are the most effective with the least exposure
  • easily rubs it all over the scalp
  • convenient application (in a cosmetic plan) - Odorless and colorless, drying and hair binding effect.

Best Moisturizer for Psoriasis - PsoEasy Lotion

Properties that has a psoriasis lotion:

  • reduces the number of flaking on the scalp
  • stops cell division and prevents the increase of size
  • removes the scales and prevents its repair
  • reduces the production of sebum which is the staple food of various fungi

PsoEasy psoriasis lotion is an effective product whose action is sharp against a certain disease. True remedy is required only for external use. PsoEasy best moisturizer for psoriasis is indicated for:

  • psoriasis treatment
  • seborrheic dermatitis treatment
  • to combat eczema and dermatitis

PsoEasy scalp psoriasis lotion is contraindicated only in cases of individual intolerance to the components of its composition.

After applying this best moisturizer for psoriasis, it relieves irritation, softens the skin, giving an effect of freshness, it removes itching and has an antiseptic effect, enhances the regeneration of damaged skin.

In the sink and hair drying, you must be careful not to damage accidentally the plates with a comb. Use PsoEasy shampoo and PsoEasy best lotion for psoriasis to restore quickly the natural moisture balance of the scalp. When drying hair with an electric dryer, keep the distance of 30 cm or more. Do not use the curling iron to curl hair during the treatment, do not wrap them in curlers - that helps hair loss and drying. Do not forget to wash the skin behind the ears and on the earlobes.

When choosing a comb give a preference to brushes with natural bristles, not plastic teeth.

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