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PsoEasy Liquid Soap
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PsoEasy Liquid Soap

Quick overview

What to do if after washing out pimples on the face, your skin feels dry and irritated? It turns out that most remedies to clean grease and problematic skin dry your skin too much and that in no way helps to eliminate grains and back, often that is what causes the increase.

Ideally, you should refuse all cleansers for oily skin that the mass-market offers. Yes, until skin care products are available in pharmacies in this plan mass market products are not always the best. They will dry the skin as well. It is not known why but producers believe that cosmetic products for skin cleaning must also cure and add in it zinc, salicylic acid, alcohol and other surfactants supplements that dry your skin. And as we know, a dry skin can clog pores which aggravate the situation and grains appear more often and in a more acute degree.

A liquid soap for seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis for high efficiency and quality has to carry in its composition just natural ingredients: the Dead Sea minerals and extracts from medicinal plants.

Product Description

Psoriasis liquid soap

Liquid soap for psoriasis treatment

In its composition, one can find just natural ingredients: rosemary, wheat germ, lavender and tea tree oils, vitamins A, B1, B3, sage and the Dead Sea minerals. This psoriasis liquid soap does not have in its formula any steroids, chemicals, parabens and petroleum distillates.

The Dead Sea minerals are one of the most effective remedies for skin diseases. That is why they formed the basis of the unique formula of psoriasis liquid soap from PsoEasy, especially in the treatment of psoriasis and prevention acne. Also, it contains essential oils that soothe and remove the flaking and irritation. Liquid soap for psoriasis treatment effectively removes dirt and excess of oil, unclogs pores. The skin barrier must be saturated with oxygen and moisture. Liquid soap for psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis not only eliminates rashes but also creates a protective layer that defends your skin from harmful environmental influence.

The use of essential oils prevents problems and skin inflammation, slows the aging process of the body. The formula for psoriasis liquid soap with tea tree oil is based on the examiner's shortfall by DSP NHP experts and has been scientifically proven. The experts have numerous laboratory tests and many tests carried out in vivo, in order to explore the effect of the natural ingredients used in the inflammation of skin and the skin condition in psoriasis and other skin diseases.

The laboratory tests were carried out on the dendritic cells in which inflammation was stimulated. Then herbal extracts of the liquid soap for psoriasis treatment were provided into the cells. It turned out that the effect of these two substances extracts inhibits skin inflammation. Furthermore, it was found that these natural ingredients renew and revitalize skin.

The psoriasis liquid soap does not contain any animal fats, steroids, parabens or tar.

We advise you to use this liquid soap for psoriasis together with the natural psoriasis cream from PsoEasy.

Natural psoriasis liquid soap - How does it effect?

  1. Soothes and nourishes,
  2. Intended for people with skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis,
  3. Has a stimulating, tonic and antibacterial effect,
  4. Thanks the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil, it prevents the inflammation,
  5. Highly moisturizes.

Metabolic processes in skin improve under the action of soap with oils. It is an optimal solution for a non-drug skin care for psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema or seborrhea.

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