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Psoriasis diet

Diet for psoriasisPsoriasis is a disease with a very long history, people have faced it before our era. In actuality this pathology it is studied more than enough but still remains a mystery of its treating and despite the numerous cases of healing, scab refers to a group of diseases that accompany the patient throughout life. The most delicate problem of disease is the aesthetic aspect of the issue that attracts much more agony than related symptoms. In their ignorance, many believe that psoriasis is contagious and try to keep apart from those who suffer from this scab. The set of therapeutic measures has a positive effect on a control of a certain disease. Nutritional care in psoriasis is mandatory and is a very important point in this complex. Compliance with the basic principles of food, denial of prohibited products can help to forget about the disease's unpleasant symptoms for a long time, if not forever. In this article, we will see what and how to eat and we will delve into detail on the impact of the usual products of our food in the course of this disease.

Different people have different transfer consumption of a meal. But in this sense, there are specific recommendations for all those who suffer from psoriasis. The recommended form involves the rejection of certain foods, certain products, and guarantees a balanced diet for psoriasis sufferers that provides a body with all necessary nutrients.

Psoriasis diet foods to avoid - What products people with psoriasis can not eat

Kitchen herbs (spices)

The experience and many years of study of the problem show that eating spices and foods containing them is bad. The high content of essential oils and odoriferous substances are toxic to the patient resulting in skin irritation and itching and therefore - exacerbates the disease. Also, spices are able to activate blood circulation that also irritates the damaged skin. As the most aggressive are considered: pepper, paprika, nutmeg and cloves.


Walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts have the similar effect. Peanuts are considered to be one of the most allergenic foods and psoriasis patients often have an even greater response to the allergen. Avoid nuts in pure form and in the form of supplements. The peanut butter is also sometimes used in fried foods and replaces cocoa butter in chocolate, etc.

Smoky, spicy and salty foods

Spicy, smoked and salted products alter the normal absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract; intestines, as is known, responding to the adverse skin reaction.

Citrus juices

The skins of citrus fruits contain a lot of essential oils and are highly toxic to a patient. And as a result, industrial production of citrus juices is prohibited, since most of them squeeze fruit with unpeeled skin.

Alcoholic drinks

The strictest prohibition applies for alcoholic drinks made from grapes. Fermentation releases aromatic substances that cause an allergic skin reaction. The negative impact of alcohol on the liver reduces its function cleaning properties and therefore - an accumulation of toxins in the body and exacerbates psoriasis. Alcohol even in small doses disturbs the absorption of vitamins and effects on immunity and metabolism at the same time.

Cheese with mold

For psoriasis patients, cheese (Gorgonzola, Camembert, Brie), in which penicillin culture matures, is an allergic component.


Excessive weight in general adversely affects metabolic processes of any person and in the case of psoriatic arthritis aggravates driving affected on joints because it burdens on them.

Diet for psoriasis sufferers

How much strict is Psoriasis diet and what are prohibitions for patients with psoriasis?

Each has its own reaction to a forbidden product. In any case, reaction will be severe, but sometimes someone is luckier and exacerbation products will not affect the course of the disease. Where to find the average and what you can eat without caution? Doctors agree that we can not rush into the extreme limit of ourselves, but should not unwisely eat only harmful products. It should be done individual test for "provocateurs" products before prescribing a diet for psoriasis. And regardless of the result, no matter how good the tests results can be, it must be remembered that the prohibited category of foods can be consumed only in odd moderation. In the case when the skin reacts to exacerbate psoriasis, those products should be excluded from your psoriasis diet plan.

The positive effect of substances in food

  • Omega-3 fatty acid. This acid content marine fish, which is natural antagonists acid that activates an inflammatory response in the skin. It contains vitamins C, E, PP, group B, carotenoids. These substances, which can be found in fruits and vegetables, stimulate body's defense to enhance the immune system and thus contribute to the novices confrontation factors that cause psoriasis. B vitamins are compatible with the central and peripheral nervous system.
  • Zinc containing in fruits and vegetables, cereals and meat, participates in stabilizing of the immune system and regeneration of the skin. It should be noted that arachidonic acid even in dietary meat is harmful and therefore should not be a source of zinc and can be eaten only in moderate portions.
  • Calcium content in infant formula products is allowed for psoriasis patients as skim leads to relief of allergic and inflammatory reactivity of the body and skin and includes a calming effect on the CNS.
  • Aminobenzoic acid containing in fruits and vegetables part in skin pigmentation and evens the inflammatory response.

Could I use ginger in Psoriasis diet?

Yes, you can use it in a diet for psoriasis sufferers, because it is able to cleanse the body of toxins and then contributes to the excitation of the psoriasis activity. Additionally, ginger is rich in vitamin G, A, B1, B2, in trace elements (sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, zinc) and amino acids (tryptophan, leysin, phenylalanine, methionine, valine) . It is used as an additive in first and second courses.

Psoriasis diet plan from D. Pagano

This diet for psoriasis has been many years successfully practiced throughout the world because it has proven its efficiency in millions of patients. Pagano studied this problem for many years in his medical practice and the results of their work - is a certain principle with strict observance of acid-base balance food intake. Thus, nutrition for patients with psoriasis that has to become a lifestyle allowing to control the acid-base internal environment.

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