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Is psoriasis curable?

Is psoriasis curable?Psoriasis is a non-contagious autoimmune disease, which is considered to be one of the forms of dermatitis. This skin disorder occurs most often in the form of skin lesions. These injuries look like reddish, extremely dry, raised papules. Papules grow together and form plaques.

Today, most physicians agree that it is an autoimmune disease, and there is no psoriasis cure. This means that the reason for this lies in our immune system, that is, the immune system for certain reasons begins to attack healthy cells of the patient, consequently creating an inflammation which leads to the formation of plaques. According to another theory, this disorder is genetic, so it can be inherited.

Is psoriasis curable nowadays?

A number of hospitals and research centers throughout the world are still making trials for psoriasis treatment. The achievements of these studies are shown only in those treatments that have been discovered in 2008.

Normally, a treatment is carried out in stages: first, easy and safe treatment methods are used, then more effective, but associated with certain health risks. The last are used due to the remeasurement of previously used treatment and the patient's wishes.

Unfortunately, the answer to the question whether there is cure for psoriasis is negative. Like other autoimmune diseases, you can not cure psoriasis as well. In conventional medicine, there is no single method that promises lasting results in therapy. But thanks to the methods of treatment today one can achieve a lasting remission and improve his quality of life.

However, it can not be said clearly whether it is curable or not because many types of research about it are being still performed. It is quite possible that you can cure psoriasis soon.

Psoriasis cure in conventional medicine

In medicine today, the disease is treated holistically but not only symptoms are eliminated, but also there could be some side effects.

Below treatment options are given based on the likelihood of side effects:

  1. A local treatment of psoriatic lesions. For this purpose, various ointments, creams, lotions, oils or tinctures are used, which are applied to affected skin areas. Very good results in the treatment of such skin diseases as psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea and atopic dermatitis show vegetable PsoEasy products of DSP Natural Health Products. With PsoEasy psoriasis remedies you can heal without medication containing steroids or tar with undesirable side effects.
  2. If a local treatment does not bring the desired results, there is another option: UV-B radiation.
  3. Finally, a holistic therapy is prescribed, including injections and venous infusions that are intended to suppress the symptoms of this disorder.

For very severe psoriasis forms immunosuppressants are prescribed, as well as in the treatment of other autoimmune diseases.

Since it is a system-like disease, a diet, avoiding stress and waiving of bad habits would be a desirable adjunct to treatment. These normalizes the functions of the immune system in your body and thus relieves the intensity of symptoms of psoriasis.

Is psoriasis curable? - Myths About Psoriasis

Like any little-researched disorder is psoriasis, there are many myths about it. Here we have gathered the most common myths for you.

Myth 1. Psoriasis is contagious

Undoubtedly, one thinks about the risk of infection at the sight of inflammation from infections. In the case of psoriasis, you should have no fear. Since this disease is autoimmune, one can not be infected. In medicine, there is no single report on the infection with psoriasis.

Myth 2. It is surely inherited

Many people understand the genetic nature of this disease quite literally. Even when both concerned parents can bring a healthy child into the world, the odds are 50 to 50. If only one parent is affected, the probability is only 25 percent that the child can have psoriasis. Moreover, not the disease is inherited, but a disposition for it. Psoriasis itself may never occur with such predisposed person.

Myth 3. Only skin is affected with psoriasis

The main symptom of the disease are skin lesions, however, hinges and nails can be affected by psoriasis as well. Such symptoms are typical only for a severe form.

Myth 4. There is a universal treatment for all

This assertion is incorrect in fact. Since the emergence and re Flemings psoriasis are caused by different factors in all people, so the treatment is very individual.

Can you cure scalp psoriasis?

Unfortunately, psoriasis on the scalp as part of each body part are only suppressed. can not be healed psoriasis. To this end, there are PsoEasy Active Shampoo from Israel.

Can psoriasis leave forever?

As it was already mentioned, it is not possible to get rid of this disease forever. Thanks to a correct therapy, a diet, and a healthy lifestyle a sustained remission is possible.

Natural cure for psoriasis - Is the Dead Sea air effective?

Like any autoimmune disease, the psoriasis severity relates to the general condition of the body, therefore a treatment at the Dead Sea can help to improve the health conditions. PsoEasy natural cure for psoriasis contain herbal ingredients and Dead Sea minerals, therefore it would be just as effective against skin diseases as a cure on the beach of this sea.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to get the necessary information. We wish you success and quality life in spite of psoriasis. There is nothing better for a healthy skin as PSOEASY. Explore the natural harmony of effect and gentleness with the herbal psoriasis cream prescription with the minerals from the Dead Sea!

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