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PsoEasy Night Oil

Quick overview

Different oils are used for psoriasis treatment. Such remedy is an excellent alternative for drug treatment options and is considered harmless for health. All psoriasis oils are divided into herbal or dietary and essential oils.

Unfortunately, essential oils are quite rarely used in psoriasis treatment, because few know about their healing properties. The therapy with essential oils is a guarantee that no habituation effect occurs, that is, continued use is possible.

Product Description

Essential oil for psoriasis

Psoriasis oil

Furthermore, the scent of essential oils makes the treatment a pleasant experience. The following essential and vegetable oils provide a good therapeutic effect on psoriasis affected skin: sea buckthorn oil, tea tree oil, wheat germ oil, camphor oil, etc. You have probably noticed that PsoEasy products contain the mentioned oils, so they present a great positive impact on the of psoriasis-affected skin. These oils used in the PsoEasy products are well tolerated and does not cause allergic reactions in most patients.

Both essential and vegetable oils have long been used in the cure of skin diseases. In order to achieve better results in the treatment, oils are used in a combination, so that a complex effect is achieved: PsoEasy essential oil for psoriasis has a soothing, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and antiseptic effect.

Essential oil for psoriasis: Formula

PsoEasy essential oil for psoriasis consists of tea tree oil, sea buckthorn oil, rosemary, wheat germ oil, camphor oil, vitamins A, B1, B, B6, C, E and K. In addition, PsoEasy treatment contains salts and Dead Sea minerals that strengthen the defenses of the skin and have anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, soothing effect, which promote skin balance, regulate the regeneration of the skin and contribute to the normalization of desquamation process.

Essential oil for psoriasis is not only used for psoriasis, but also for eczema, neurodermatitis, dry skin or seborrhea.

  • Tea tree essential oil for eczema and other skin problems
    Tea tree oil has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, reduces pain and fights bacteria. In addition, tea tree oil regulates skin regeneration and makes affected skin healthy. Tea tree oil for eczema, psoriasis, etc. is used in all PsoEasy products.
  • Buckthorn oil for dry skin, psoriasis, seborrhea
    Sea buckthorn oil is very rich in vitamins, exerts a revitalizing effect on the whole body. It is widely used in the treatment of skin disorders, pimples during puberty, it is also used for psoriasis, successfully eliminating redness and dry skin. Sea buckthorn oil exerts a positive effect on the whole body, improves metabolism, strengthens the immune system, preventing the respiratory diseases.
  • Camphor oil for eczema, psoriasis, itching
    Camphor oil is widely used against many diseases such as atrophic laryngitis. It contributes to a fast healing of your skin.
  • Rosemary oil against eczema, psoriasis, dry skin
    The effect of rosemary against skin problems has long been known. It helps against acne, scars, dandruff. Rosemary oil revitalizes the tired skin, restores its elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

How to apply PsoEasy essential oil for eczema and psoriasis?

PsoEasy essential oil for psoriasis provides your skin with a lot of moisture, eliminates scales and redness. It is created from the plants extracts that are known for their curative properties. This oil helps with dermatitis, seborrhea and psoriasis. Their medical composition does not include steroids or tar, but only natural ingredients.

Before applying, the skin should be cleaned with PsoEasy soap and then dried. They should be applied before bedtime during 2 weeks and they intended for external use only. Remember that you should avoid its contact with eyes.

The treatment of psoriasis with oils is a pleasant thing. Before you start with the application of PsoEasy oil against psoriasis, seek advice from dermatologist you trust.

If you have psoriasis on a body part, then you can buy no prescription PsoEasy psoriasis cream: mild skin care with natural ingredients. In a scalp psoriasis, PsoEasy shampoo is to be used. It heals the scalp while washing!

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