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Cortisone psoriasis

Cortisone psoriasisPsoriasis is a disease which true cause is a mystery to all doctors. It is suspected that hereditary factors take the part in its development, the most important role play diseases of the endocrine system and metabolic disorders. Therefore, the treatment comprises many remedies, namely creams and ointments for psoriasis, phototherapy, abstaining from alcohol, changing the psychological attitude, baths, mud and other natural remedies. Psoriasis is a disease with an insidious course, any therapy can improve a quality of life, but the disease is not curable. Psoriatic lesions and plaques are a great source of infection, favoring the strong inflammation. Therefore, psoriasis patients should maintain their skin with various ointments and psoriasis cortisone cream applied, strengthen the immune system and the psychological state to prevent the resurgence.

Psoriasis cortisone and other treatment methods - General tips

With the first symptoms of psoriasis, you should see a doctor. It is worthwhile to consult a dermatologist who will help to choose a treatment method.

The simpler the treatment, the more persistent is the remission. Use simple, natural methods of treatment. Co-administration of multiple drugs is not useful, because you can not determine what exactly helps and what does not. You should make a break from 1 up to 6 months between each course.

Psoriasis is individual: one patient it helps, the other it can bring harm.

A positive attitude and positive emotions are the guarantees for a sustained remission. Stress, irritability, negative thoughts and emotions are your sworn enemies in psoriasis.

Cortisone psoriasis - What disadvantages does it have?

Among the topical medications for psoriasis, the difference is in Cortisone psoriasis supplement. It has the fastest effect of treatment, but the cortisone use should be only after consultation with a doctor, and only in severe cases. Gradually cortisone treatment can be discontinued.

In psoriasis, the reaction of each body on any synthetic medicines is quite different, and the effect is usually transient. By the time the body gets used to the concrete cortisone agents accordingly diminishing its efficacy, the potency is to be increased each time. This leads to an overdose and unpleasant side effects.

Cortisone for psoriasis - Side effects

Local side effects on the skin are the most common problem with the external use of Cortisone for psoriasis. The use of active cortisone medications causes a rapid skin atrophy, especially if they are applied to the skin folds or in the places where the skin is very thin. This leads to skin thinning, atrophy, telangiectasia, blood blotch or increased skin sensitivity. One of the most common side effects of Cortisone for psoriasis are blackheads and other skin impurities with a severe course. Incorrect cortisone preparations application in adults often leads to perioral dermatitis.

With the application of such medicines the formation of body's hormones is reduced, this affects the hormone level in the body. With the time after the cure, a normal hormone level in the body not always restores.

Synthetic cortisone agents cause a buildup of toxins in the body, so the liver can fail over time. For a result, liver dysfunction develops, the liver is supplied with bad blood. Therefore, ointments or psoriasis cortisone cream need to be dosed correctly. The recommended dose should never be exceeded. Psoriasis cortisone cream relieves symptoms, the disease, unfortunately, is incurable.

The kidneys are also affected by toxins: the permeability of the cell membrane and the glomerular filtration reduces, too much calcium is stored in a body, the result causes kidney stones.

Through the use of Cortisone for psoriasis, the fatty acids level in the blood increases.

Habituation to local cortisone psoriasis medications is unpleasant and acts depressing, especially if the patient is to use Cortisone psoriasis meds within several weeks on the face, anus and private parts. The patient complains usually of burning and pain at the application parts of a body. Initially, the patient can treat moderate dermatitis quickly with psoriasis Cortisone, with a desired therapeutic effect. After the specimen has been deposited, the symptoms of the disease reappear and are more pronounced. Thus, although the habit developed very rapidly, the patient is forced to continue a cortisone treatment. The respective syndrome may be explained by the thinning of the epidermis, which leads to irritants to skin hypersensitivity. The patient can withstand moisture, soaps, sunscreens and cosmetics badly. The treatment is that the local сщкешыщту application is terminated. The psoriasis patient should be informed that the symptoms of Erkan Kung be stronger if cortisone is discontinued.

Psoriasis cortisone cream alternatives

Fortunately, cortisone in psoriasis is not the only treatment option, because there are products containing natural herbal ingredients. Such agents include PsoEasy psoriasis cream with vitamins, essential oils and minerals from the Dead Sea. This treatment cream reduces inflammation, improves metabolism in all skin layers, heals wounds and improves trophic functions in tissues. PsoEasy used to treat psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea, and various dermatitis. PsoEasy Active Shampoo is a role model for psoriasis shampoo from the pharmacy.

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