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Clinical trials

Clinical trials PsoEasy

Clinical studies of psoriasis natural treatment

DSP Natural Health Products Development & Marketing developed natural resources to treat psoriasis on the body, eczema, all kinds of dermatitis and seborrhea. Whereas the development of methods of acne treatment is also the focus of the company. All products are natural, contain medicinal herbs, Dead Sea minerals and goat's milk. Their effectiveness is clinically proven.

Our pride is PsoEasy Active Cream. This product is moisturizing, combats dryness, eliminating inflammation and is considered one of the most effective natural psoriasis creams.

PsoEasy Cream clinical trials

Clinical trials of psoriasis were carried out under the direction of Aylin Shaked and chemist Shimon Furman. The formula of the new compound should contain extracts of medicinal plants, no keratolytic ingredients, no by-products of tar and no silicones.

The aim of the study was to examine the effectiveness of the cream in the treatment of such skin diseases as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and eczema.

PsoEasy psoriasis cream meets all international standards.

The selection of the subjects in this study was based on the following criteria:

  1. Type of psoriasis: easy or difficult;
  2. The subjects should not receive medical psoriasis treatment with steroids during the last 3 weeks prior to study entry;
  3. Subjects who have never received treatment with steroids;
  4. Subjects who were treated with both steroids and the cream;
  5. Subjects who suffer from psoriasis from 6 months to 10 years;
  6. Adults and children from 10th.

Within one month, the effectiveness of the cream was examined.

The results of the Clinical studies of psoriasis natural treatment of PsoEasy products showed a visible improvement in such symptoms as itching and inflammation after a week of use.

Suitable PsoEasy Active cream is also available for pregnant women. A scalp psoriasis is also quite rare. This form of psoriasis is also accompanied by hair loss. Its appearance perceives any person with a strong psychological pressure. To solve this problem there is PsoEasy зыщкшфышы shampoo from Israel.

Here is the PDF file for downloading with all the details of the research.

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