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Calendula psoriasis

Calendula psoriasis

Calendula for acne as a natural alternative to cortisone against itching and psoriasis

Other names of Calendula are Marie Gold, marigold, Calendula officinalis, gold flower, marigold Rose.

Calendula officinalis is an annual herbaceous plant that can be seen in the small gardens, flower beds, front gardens etc.. The marigold is grown as a valuable medicinal plant in the special farms.

The homeland of this plant is Central and Southern Europe. The characteristic feature of the marigold is its intense and specific smell.

There is also a Calendula ornamental plant that has puffy bright yellow flowers. They are very nice but do not confuse it with the medicinal plants, because they have different properties.

Calendula flowers are golden yellow or orange, and they are quite large.

The Calendula blooms from June to October. They even survive the cold snap to 9 degrees below zero. The gold flowers decorate the garden and they are good honey plants. The marigolds honey is characterized by the high healing properties.

The rich chemical composition gives the plant a special meaning. The leaves of Calendula contain many vitamins C and organic acids, including salicylic acid (aspirin), and the flowers contain carotene, phytohormones, phytoncides (essential oils), ferments, tars, mucous, dyes, tanning and bitters.

The fresh young leaves of marigold in the rosette stage are used as a salad or an addition to other salads, meat and fish dishes, soups and pies, evaporated vegetable dishes.

Marigolds have a relaxing effect on the central nervous system, reduce the excitability and the arterial blood pressure, control the cardiac function in the cardiac arrhythmia.

Marigold is used in menopause and is also used as a symptomatic agent in inoperable cancer types. Under the effect of marigold in cancer patients, the intoxication decreases, the dyspeptic symptoms disappear, the sleep and appetite improve. The effect of Calendula for acne is similar to the strong antibiotic, especially as regards the staphylococcus and streptococcus.

Calendula for acne is used both in the primary, as well as in traditional medicine. In homeopathy marigold tincture and ointment are made from flowers. In the skin diseases, it is recommended to use the Calendula for psoriasis internally and externally.

As an anti-toxic agent, Calendula psoriasis is applied for itching,allergic dermatitis.

Psoriasis is a non-infectious disease that manifests itself in red very dry patches on the skin. To alleviate the symptoms, it is recommended to apply Calendula for psoriasis. PsoEasy psoriasis cream includes Calendula psoriasis extract that helps well the affected skin.

Calendula for psoriasis in Psoeasy products

The producer of natural remedies PsoEasy widely uses medicinal extracts of plants and includes calendula extract in the creation and development of production. Calendula cream for psoriasis (100ml and 250ml), shampoos and lotions for scalp psoriasis and seborrhea contain not only Calendula extracts but also other medicinal plants (mahonia and sarsaparilla). Psoeasy calendula cream for psoriasis and eczema alleviates symptoms of these skin diseases, reduces scaling, itching, inflammation and removes embody skin lesions.

To relieve symptoms, we recommend you to apply Calendula cream for psoriasis (250 or 100ml). More details you can read in the pages dedicated to the properties and effects of the creams.

However, you must keep in mind that any disease should be treated under medical review. Psoriasis and their types, as dermatitis, eczema, seborrhea are quite serious illnesses and we recommend you and receive your dermatologist consultation before any treatment with calendula or other remedies application.

Our PsoEasy Active Shampoo is a role model for psoriasis shampoo out of my head with the natural ingredients.

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