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FaceEasy Kit

Quick overview

The type of skin is an inherited trait. And often problematic skin is prone to acne appearance and is one of the four general skin types. The remaining three types are dry, normal and combined skin complexion. Normally this kind of problem arises in the period of puberty. For girls, this period begins, more or less, at the age of 12, in young children - a year later. Under the influence of sex hormones on the sebaceous glands secrete sebum excess so in problem areas appears silky shine and in other areas - dilated pores and acne appear. About 80% of adolescents suffer from certain problems and 30% of adults also characterize your skin like oily or problematic.

Product Description

Acne Kit

Facial Kit for Acne - How to remove acne?

Aromatherapy can help in preventing inflammation and other problems associated with the silky complexion. People prone to acne should carefully treat their skin using the following measures: the sink with foam, use a lotion or tonic, nourish creams with essential oils for skin, therapeutic masks.

A lot of cosmetics and other drugs have been developed to treat grains but there are still absolutely natural products that are effective in getting rid of acne - volatile oils.

Acne treatments using oils

What is the advantage of these oils by other remedies? For first of all, of course, it is its 100% natural, secondly, is that the oils act not only on the surface but in the deeper layers of skin as well. And third, the result of its application does not require to wait, so that volatile oils can be placed safely on the list of the best remedies for acne.

Are oils removing acne?

Here is the list of oils that are used in the production of FaceEasy Kit for acne curing:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Sage oil
  • Juniper oil
  • Lemon extract

Best facial kit for acne prone skin

We should also note that all volatile oils mentioned, like any other, should not be applied to skin in pure form. The only option of using pure essential oils for acne is the local application - application in small quantities (drops) just in the grains without affecting the surrounding skin. Therefore, to avoid skin affecting during treatment is better to use mixtures of oils concentrates comprised in FaceEasy best facial kit for acne prone skin cleansing.

Besides the mentioned medicinal plants oils FaceEasy facial kit for acne includes components such as:

  • Dead Sea Sulfur is a powerful natural element used in curing various skin diseases such as acne, against pimples, etc. The sulfur content in soap is a fountain of youth, beauty and health skin. It is responsible for skin elasticity, promotes detoxification, skin regeneration and the formation of collagen, regenerates damaged tissues leading utmost importance for skin diseases, also has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Goat milk in a soap has a nourishing effect on the epiderm. It's full of protein, vitamins, iron and fats that moisturize, restore and soften the skin. Containing natural lactic acid goat's milk exfoliations and removes dead skin cells and bacteria. Since goat milk is very similar in pH to human skin, so it cares very gently providing deep hydration.

Next, we look at FaceEasy products closer in an acne kit for oily skin.

Acne Kit - FaceEasy Cream

Try an effective remedy for a quick fix of pimples.

FaceEasy acne cream improving metabolic processes has a specific therapeutic effect on the skin affected by acne.

FaceEasy cream for acne has the following ingredients: essential oils, the Dead Sea minerals and extracts of plants. This peculiar combination of natural ingredients provides a fast solution for blemishes on the face. FaceEasy acne helps to improve blood circulation in all skin layers, protecting and soothing the epiderm.

For best results, apply the cream to pimples and oily skin at least within 2 - 3 weeks. Many users reported the first positive results from the very first application. Among the advantages of FaceEasy acne cream are:

  • available without a prescription. This is a high-quality cosmetic remedy, therefore it can be purchased without a prescription;
  • high efficacy and safety: Thanks to exclusively natural components that were subjected to the strictest controls, FaceEasy cream can be used both by children and adolescents or adults;
  • this effective remedy for pimples and oily skin consists of only natural ingredients and does not contain any steroids.

Dermatologists in Israel indicate that in the application of this cream for acne it is not necessary to use ointments with steroids. FaceEasy is certified by the Israeli Ministry of Health, to the highest standards in the field of dermatology.

Acne Kit - FaceEasy Lotion

FaceEasy Lotion is the quickest remedy for pimples

Face Easy Lotion is particularly effective against acne. The lotion itself can not eliminate all skin problems, in combination with other FaceEasy products assist in acne treatment.

FaceEasy Lotion for acne has:

  • antibacterial action;
  • inflammatory action;
  • pore clarifying action;
  • drying action.

In use, the ingredients in the lotion for acne help to clean the pores of bacteria and microbes, to remove excess fat from the epidermis, normalize sebaceous gland functions, eliminate inflammation and redness, dry the rash.

Acne Kit - FaceEasy Soap

The soap containing goat milk has a deeply cleansing effect on the skin, detoxifies toxins and has an antioxidant effect. This soap with goat milk is able to bind skin toxins and to pull excess oil from it. The ph neutral soap prevents blocked pores and oily skin by penetrating deep into the epidermis. Blemishes are removed with success. This soap is created for the acne skin care and blackheads.

Acne Kit - FaceEasy Mask

The mask for facial cleansing is made of green clay, which is rich in different minerals, and also potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium. The purpose of this mask is to remove toxins and to absorb the excess of sebum. Thus, a deep skin cleansing is achieved. Your skin radiates health and energy as a result.

Tips for use of FaceEasy acne treatment products:

1. It is recommended to use FaceEasy soap twice a day.

2. After washing your face with soap, clean it with FaceEasy lotion.

3. After the facial cleansing, your skin needs moisture. To do this, use the cream from FaceEasy best facial kit for acne skin.

4. It is advisable to use FaceEasy Mask 2 times per week. Apply the mask for acne on your face thinly, let it act for 20 minutes, after which it should be rinsed.

In this acne kit for oily skin, you can buy all the necessary means for pimples to have a healthy and energy radiating skin without acne and blackheads. FaceEasy is gentle to you.

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