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Psoriasis remedies from Israel

Psoriasis remedies and dermatitis skin care with PsoEasy

PsoEasy produces skin care psoriasis remedies, eczema and dermatitis both for men and women

For over 16 years, the Israeli company DSP Natural Health & Marketing develops and sells its PsoEasy natural remedies for psoriasis to European markets with a high content of natural dermatological ingredients against atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and seborrhea.

The selected PsoEasy skin care preparations are based on the high quality botanical ingredients and natural minerals from the Dead Sea.

The experienced team of DSP Natural Health Products headed by Aylin Shaked is energetic and innovative, associated with such values as quality, safety, tradition and high level of service. Our experienced team will be happy to answer questions, suggestions, tips and provide detailed information. You can write to our e-mail or call the number provided on our website.

Psoriasis remedies

Israel psoriasis treatment - The Dead Sea Products

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on the planet. Undoubtedly, it is a unique miracle that only Mother Nature could create. It is a phenomenal salty lake with banks of mud, where nature holds an incredibly high concentration of the beneficial for the skin minerals that help in skin diseases and delay skin aging. Skin nourishing herbs give the skin a healthy glow and energy.

For several decades, the mode of action of minerals from the Dead Sea (Oregon grape, sarsaparilla, calendula, tea tree, etc.) is being tested clinically for skin problems. The 2000 year marked the birth of the DSP Natural Health Products company. Since the establishment, we never cease to discover priceless treasures of the Dead Sea, with an invaluable effect on the skin and help in the treatment of different skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, etc. Nature has inspired us to create products for skin care, which contain Dead Sea minerals.

Over the years we worked on creating our unique brand. PsoEasy is synonymous with effectiveness, health and naturalness. Through our successful research in the treatment of skin diseases, we rightly gained the reputation of a responsible brand.

The PsoEasy brand can be found in all European countries. PsoEasy Dead Sea remedies are generally accepted by patients and medical professionals from around the world, appreciating healing skin-friendly properties of our brand.

A wide range of high-quality Dead Sea products for skin care is offered in our shop for your well being, your health and beauty. PsoEasy remedies are prepared on the basis of plant components and minerals from the Dead Sea. They are enriched with essential oils and vitamins.

PsoEasy Israel psoriasis treatment can be used for all types of skin. PsoEasy cream for psoriasis does not contain the cortisone and helps with various skin diseases. We offer attractive prices and discounts.

All PsoEasy products' formulas include minerals from the Dead Sea, which effectiveness has been proven in clinical trials.

Remember that the foundation of success in the fight against skin diseases are correctly chosen remedies. Check out more information about the PsoEasy products on our website.

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